Man Removed from Alaska Airlines Flight for Calling Flight Attendant Sexy

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image: Alaska Air

When you’re at work, it’s definitely not fun if someone tries to interrupt what you’re doing. It can definitely make it difficult to perform your duties to the best of your ability.

Just before an Alaska Airlines flight a passenger “catcalled a flight attendant while she was demonstrating how to use a life vest in case of an emergency“, according to the HuffPost.

Passenger Amber Nelson posted the story to Facebook about a man sitting behind her who decided to catcall the flight attendant, calling out “Ooh sexy”.

The flight attendant seemed to handle the situation well. She told the passenger to be respectful and the passenger said that he was messing around. The safety demonstration was stopped while the FA spoke with her co-workers. Then an Alaska Airlines employee came onboard and removed the man from the plane!

The situation took place on October 9 on a flight going from Seattle to Burbank. The account of what took place, posted by Nelson to Facebook was confirmed to the HuffPost by Alaska Airlines.

It sounds to me like the passenger got what he deserved for causing trouble before the flight took-off. Maybe he’ll think before he speaks next time and try to control his behavior. Hopefully he does so not only while on a plane.

Find out more from the Huffington Post here.

12 thoughts on “Man Removed from Alaska Airlines Flight for Calling Flight Attendant Sexy

  1. Woonmai- I try to stay out of politics, especially when it comes to travel.

    Chris- Maybe the guy will think twice before he messes around next time.

    Kasey- Disrupting the FA and making her feel uncomfortable at work…

    Jason- Exactly!

    Rich- No politics please.

    John Hansford- I agree that PC in this country has gotten a bit ridiculous but you can’t mess with an FA and not expect some repercussions.

    Jason- A good point again!

    Nunna D- Your comment is way out of line and not acceptable.

    Kedric- Wow! Offending someone and not getting away with it would stop YOU from flying?

    Fred- I can’t disagree that a warning sounds like a more acceptable response but this guy is bound to think twice before making comments towards women again.

  2. Seems a bit of an over reaction. It’s not as if he has many alternative transport choices.
    Perhaps a more reasonable response would have been first the treat of expulsion.

  3. Sounds like a bunch of homosexual *&#&&$&$#^# got offended by a simple compliment and as usual, overreact and suppress the NORMAL people (heterosexual). Fire that dumb@$$ FA and anyone that agrees with her.


  4. Political correctness gone into the twilight zone, what else can you say
    Not allowed to have innocent fun my God

    1. Only feels innocent to the man. The woman clearly wasn’t open to being sexually joked with while at her workplace. Some people really feel they like to feel safe and comfortable at their work. Weird right?

  5. Is this a joke I understand. It might have been in poor taste but how in any way did this prevent her from doing her job.

    1. It didn’t. But it did prevent her from doing her job without feeling uncomfortable. Don’t fucking cat call women. Jesus.

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