Earn 5,000 Bonus American Airlines Miles

american airlines milesOver the past week I wrote about a couple of offers to earn bonus miles with various credit cards.

I recently received an offer to earn 10,000 bonus points with the City National Bank. I also received a very interesting offer to earn 30,000 bonus American Airlines miles.

I was also a bit surprised to receive another offer to earn 5,000 bonus American Airlines miles. Let me explain…

The 30,000 bonus AA miles offer mentioned above is for putting spend on my AAdvantage Aviatore Red card. This other offer to earn 5,000 bonus miles is also with the Aviator card!

Here is how I can earn 5,000 bonus American Airlines miles.

To earn the bonus, I need to spend $500 or more in new purchases in November, December and January.

  • The offer is available for select cardmember and not transferable. (This is a targeted offer.)
  • If you do not spend $500 or more in any of the months, no bonus will be awarded.
  • Bonus miles will post 6-8 weeks after the promo ends.

If I were to spend exactly $500 per month, the bonus would come to 3.333 additional miles earned per $1. Although this offer awards many less miles, I find it a more appealing offer.

(With the 30,000 miles bonus offer I need to spend $2,500 every month from November through April. This comes to a bonus of 2 miles per $1.)

I’m most likely going to complete this newer offer. $500 per month spend for a few months isn’t really hard to do. Since I’m not currently working on completing the minimum spend on any new cards, this will give me some extra miles to earn until I get a new credit card.

Did you receive any of the bonus miles and points offered mentioned above? If so, do you plan to complete the required spend for any of them to earn the bonus?

2 thoughts on “Earn 5,000 Bonus American Airlines Miles

  1. My wife got the 5,000 offer, while I got one for 15,000 miles, which equals 10 points/dollar on 1500 spent. Nice bonus and easy to do.

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