A Visit to the Legendary Santarpio’s Pizza in East Boston

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During a recent trip I spent 7 hours in Boston. The visit was so short because I was really flying there to earn a bonus of 75,000 JetBlue points. (They were probably the easiest 75,000+ JetBlue points I ever earned.)

Once I left the airport, the first stop during my quick visit was to the legendary Santarpios Pizza located in East Boston. (Find out about the free shuttle to Santarpio’s that we took from Boston Logan Airport.)

I first heard about Santarpio’s on the short-lived show Food Feuds. Since then, I’ve wanted to visit the restaurant but had not had a chance until my recent visit.

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Santarpio’s Pizza has been around since 1903 and it’s been considered one of Boston’s top places to grab some pizza. The restaurant has an interesting menu due to it also selling BBQ. When we headed inside, one of the first things we saw was a man cooking some meats over a fire!

Since I was only going to be in Boston for a short amount of time, my brother and I didn’t try the BBQ although it did smell really good.

We opted for an Italian Cheese Pizza, which we shared. At $10 the pie seemed like a pretty good deal.

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While waiting for our pizza to arrive, the pies coming out of the kitchen looked delicious. They aren’t huge but it was definitely a good size to share among two adults. (If you aren’t overly hungry, it could easily feed 3.)

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When the pizza arrived at our table, we couldn’t wait to dig in!

Upon first bite, I was really impressed. Santarpios pizza is very generous on the sauce. This is a good thing considering it’s really tasty! There’s also a good amount of cheese on the pie which was also quite good.

On some bites there seemed to be some extra flavor, a touch of salt perhaps which added to the overall package.

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The crust didn’t have any distinct flavor. I’d say that it’s not thin crust but it is lighter than your typical slice of pizza. Another thing we noticed about the crust was that the ends of the slice (middle of the pie) were a bit flimsy, so you had to be careful not to drip sauce when you took a bite! Once you finished that first bite, the crust was more firm and easy to hold.

Overall I really enjoyed the pizza at Santarpio’s. I heard about the restaurant years back and it definitely didn’t disappoint!

Find out more about Santarpio’s online here.

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  1. If you have never tried Rino’s in East Boston, that is a worth try for Italian fare. Their lobster ravioli is phenomenal.

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