Helpful New Protection Option for Citi Credit Cards

Citi Credit Cards

Citibank recently sent out an e-mail with a great way to keep your Citi credit cards protected.

Rather than have to immediately call in to cancel a misplaced card, the bank came up with a smart, new option to allow you to keep the card open while you look for it.

With Citi Quick Lock you can stop allowing new charges to a misplaced card while still having recurring charges continue.

Here is how this new option works:

So let’s say you misplaced or lost one of your Citi credit cards. Rather than rush to cancel, you can “Click to Lock” your card in the Citi Mobile App or at Citi Online.

  1. Once your locate your missing card, simply go back into the app or to Citi online and unlock the card and start using it again immediately.
  2. If you can’t find your card, then call Citi to get a replacement card.

Citi Quick Lock is not available on all credit cards. I currently have three active Citi cards.

The option is available with:

  • Hilton Visa Signature
  • Citi Thank You Premier

It is not available with:

  • AAdvantage Platinum Select

If I happen to misplace (or lose) a card, I’d much rather have a way to buy some time to look for it and not have to worry about fraudulent charges, then just cancel it automatically. If its a card that I rarely use or don’t have recurring payments setup for, then this option might not be so important.

What do you think about Citi Quick Lock? Let us know which other Citi credit cards the option is (or isn’t) available with.

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