Historic Burger Sliders at White Mana in Jersey City

white mana

I first came across the historic White Mana Diner, located in Jersey City, NJ when it made an appearance of the Food Network’s show Food Feuds.

White Mana’s home is a small, almost round building which was first used at the 1939 NY World’s Fair before it was moved to its present location in Jersey City. According to the sign outside, it’s been open in NJ since 1946.

white mana

When you walk inside, you’ll see a curved counter with stools to sit at. There’s also some additional seating, like 4-5 booths in the back of the diner.

a menu board with a menu on it

I like to sit at the counter to see the action- the burgers being made!

a chef cooking meat on a grill

Small lumps of meat are lined up on the flat-top and covered in onions. Soon after they are smashed down a bit so the onions cook in. The buns are also placed on the grill to soften up a bit.

At $1.22 for a cheeseburger you can’t go wrong ordering a few of these sliders.

a plate of hamburgers on a table a burger on a plate

The first couple of times I visited White Mana, I really enjoyed the burgers.

I think it was the whole experience. Stepping back in time at this old diner, friendly countermen making the burgers and even the show- watching the burgers being made (if you like that kind of thing.)

a man eating a sandwich and french fries

a hand holding a burger with cheese and meat inside

Since some of my family now live in New Jersey I’ve had a chance to visit this historic burger joint a bunch of times (most recently was in the middle of August 2016).

The experience is still quite enjoyable when it comes to the nostalgia and show but when it comes to the burgers, I’d say that they are decent.

The burger is small so you don’t notice great tasting meat. Also, I find the bun to be way too big for the burger. I even like to pull off the excess bread…

a painting of a restaurant
Artwork inside
a sign with a picture of a statue of liberty
Sign outside White Mana

Regardless of how good, bad or average the burgers are at White Mana, I’d still consider it a must-visit for any burger lover! Like I mentioned above, the burgers are decent but when you include the whole experience then it’s pretty darn good if you ask me!

White Mana is open 24/7 and is located at 470 Tonnele Avenue in Jersey City, NJ.

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3 thoughts on “Historic Burger Sliders at White Mana in Jersey City

  1. J- I like White Manna more than Mana. I would def not consider them overpriced…

    Gabe- Been to Rutt’s Hut and wasn’t a fan. Maybe I should give it one more try. Thanks for the tips, I added the other 2 to my list. Have you been to Hot Grill? Pretty solid too!

  2. We used to go to White Mana when we lived in Hoboken. A few other places you should try are Fiore’s deli on a Saturday afternoon for a roast beef and mutz hero, Leo’s Grandevous for a throw back to Sinatra days and their excellent homemade lasagna (both in Hoboken). If you head out toward Met Life Stadium, go pat it a few miles and stop at Rutt’s Hut for another throw back 1920’s restaurant serving deep fried hot dogs.

  3. I’ve been to White Manna in Hackensack… overrated and overpriced. burgers reminded me of stuff I can get at White Castle.

    I do like how their pricing is in a way that after taxes/fees the food comes out to $.00/.25/.50/.75…. yay for bills and quarters!

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