United Flight Makes Emergency Landing Due to Bird Strike

emergency landing
image: wikimedia commons

United Airlines Flight 840 had to make an emergency landing soon after takeoff earlier in the week.

The flight was heading from¬†Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles when it “collided with birds” forcing the plane to land. Luckily nobody was injured due to the incident.

A passenger who was on the flight told the AP that the plane was flying around a half hour when the pilot announced that a flock of birds had been seen by passengers in the front as well as by the pilot. A flock of birds flew into both engines so the plane would have to turn around and it would take another 45 minutes.

The plane circled over the ocean, burning fuel before heading back to Sydney.

Damage caused to the plane wasn’t yet know and it was taken out of service for maintenance.

The bird strike caused passengers to get delayed for a day. They were rebooked on a flight which was supposed to leave on July 5.

Find out more from ABC News here.

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