Another Way To Get TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck

I recently wrote about how JetBlue was giving TSA PreCheck to it’s best flyers- Mosaic members.

Free is definitely the best price and there are other ways to get your TSA PreCheck at no cost. We got ours from the American Express Platinum Card and the City National Crystal card.

Now Southwest Airlines is offering Rapid Rewards members a way to pay for PreCheck but it won’t be for free.

If you have Rapid Rewards points and would rather use them for products, you can check out Southwest’s More Rewards.

I can’t say that I ever looked at or considered redeeming my points for these kind of things before. However, while I was checking flight pricing at, I saw a new exclusive offer.

For 9,000 points you could get a code to pay for PreCheck. The link brought me to Southwest’s More Rewards.

TSA PreCheck comes with an $85 fee and lasts for five years. This means that if you redeem 9,000 Rapid Rewards points to pay the fee, you’re getting a value of .094¢ per point. Probably not the best value, even more so if you have the Companion Pass.

Some Rules:

  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards credit cardholders can redeem points for items at More Rewards.
  • PreCheck codes come with an expiration date
  • Once your redeem your points for a code, it is not refundable

Would you be interested in redeeming Southwest Rapid Rewards points for a TSA PreCheck membership code?

Check out the TSA PreCheck offer at Southwest More Rewards here.

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