Did I Receive A SPG Amex Business Card Retention Offer

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Last year I wrote about my SPG Amex business card retention offer.

I was offered a statement credit for my loyalty not a credit for my annual fee. This seemed like a play on words to me but it really made no difference either way.

The annual fee recently posted once again and it was time to make a call to see what Amex could do about my annual fee.

I called in and mentioned that I was thinking of closing my account to the rep. In previous years, the response would typically be- Why? We’d hate to see you go. You’ve been with us so long… Maybe they’d even go over all of the benefits of being a cardmember.

Well this time, all I got was sure, I can do that…

I then mentioned how I didn’t want to pay the fee as the rep was telling me to say yes so she could go ahead and close my account.

Before saying yes I asked if there were any offers to waive the fee or something along those lines.

I got a cold no, all cards come with an annual fee due to benefits that come with the card.

I debated calling back or asking for a retention line but then decided I’d actually rather close the card and reopen a new Amex SPG Business card in the future to get the signup bonus again.

In the end, the most surprising thing was how little the rep cared that I wanted to close my account. Not a question to find out why or any try to get me to change my mind…

How has your experience been recently with getting retention offers from American Express?

8 thoughts on “Did I Receive A SPG Amex Business Card Retention Offer

  1. Kirk- Pretty sure as of February this is true. Hoping it changes again in a year or so.

    jonny- You’re right, the rules have been changing. I wouldn’t apply again for at least a year so hopefully it will change again.

  2. iv- You definitely put a lot more spend on your card than I had. Nice to see that you were offered some points to keep the card. I wonder if you being in Canada made a difference too…

    Markemark- Times definitely are changing. Even if I was offered a $25 credit I would’ve closed. I want the sign up bonus again! 🙂

  3. I pushed and pushed and got $25 on SPG Biz. Like the previous post said, I’ve tried several cards from amex, chase, and citi, and, despite a good deal of spend, have been offered very little to stay. Times they are a changin

  4. Here’s my experience.

    I’ve had the business card for 5 years. Every year I have gotten an offer not to cancel. It has always been SPG points never to waive the fee, which is fine with me as I value SPG points at 2.5 cents each and I’ve always received more value in retention points vs. paying the annual fee.

    2014 – 12,000 points (annual spend 72K)
    2015 – 7,000 points (annual spend 40K)
    2016 – 7,000 points (annual spend 58K)

    I will note, this year the rep. wasn’t very forthcoming in extending any retention points. I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor and was offered 7K points. In the end, I come out way ahead:

    Pay: annual fee $150CAD

    Get: 7K points = $175USD – Gold status- Free weekend night cat. 1-4

    Plus all my earned points 🙂

  5. Charles McCool- It seems like the banks don’t seem to care much about retaining cardholders these days. I figured I could re-apply for the SPG Biz in a year or so, which makes it no real loss. The big debate comes when my personal card fee posts!

  6. I re-upped SPG AMEX biz a few months ago after calling to cancel and getting crickets. Well, I tried, I figured. This time, in a couple of months, it is adios for reals.

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