$0 + 0 Miles or Points= Trip for 2 To Mexico!

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Back in April, Lucas and I went on our first Father- Son Trip to Poland. Kim didn’t come along due to being grounded until Baby W Travels arrives!

Now its time for our second Father- Son Trip, however this time we’re heading to a destination that I wouldn’t have picked if I had a choice. But we are going for a great price.

We’re heading to Mexico!

This will be Lucas’s 32nd country visited. I’ve been to Mexico a couple of times previously so it won’t help me reach my goal of seeing all of the countries in the world. (A goal not likely to happen but I’ll be psyched when I get to triple digits.)

I’d assume that you saw the price of this trip in the title so you’re wondering how the trip was such a great deal. You’re probably also wondering why I’d go to a destination that I didn’t choose.


From time to time I attend Travel Massive in NYC. Travel Massive is basically a travel meet-up for industry folks. The events are usually sponsored by a company related to travel. Some events have been hosted by Singapore Air, Club Med, hotels and various tourism boards.

At Travel Massive, there are also usually trip giveaways. At the last one Kim and I went to in December, CheapCaribbean sponsored the event and gave away a trip to Cancun.

I didn’t win the trip but fliers were handed out about trip giveaways going on around NYC the following day (December 9). While I wouldn’t be around the city to enter those giveaways, there would also be one trip given away by sharing CheapCaribbean’s “Beachmas” posts on social media.

Since I’ve had good luck winning various prizes through Twitter, I made sure to participate in the CheapCaribbean contest.

And what do you know… I WON, a trip for 2 to Cancun, Mexico!

I’ve been to Cancun years back and it isn’t exactly a destination I’m dying to go back to but for free, how bad can it be? The resort looks really nice and we’ll also be visiting Chichen Itza, a UNESCO World Heritage Site I’ve wanted to see for quite some time. (This isn’t part of the prize. More on Chichen Itza another time.)

Originally, Kim and I were trying to figure out dates to go on the trip and had some trouble due to schedules, my new job and other things going on. When we found out Kim was pregnant, visiting Mexico was out for her so this opened the door for Lucas to get to see another country!

Since this will be considered my Cancun Trip Planning Post, here are the details for our airfare and hotel stay.

Trip Details:

The Flights:

I was given a choice of flights but found what I felt was a better option for Lucas and I. My thoughts were that JetBlue would be our best option due to flight times, comfort and of course the free snacks!

We’ll be flying JetBlue direct both ways:

  • New York (JFK)- Cancun (CUN)
  • Cancun (CUN)- New York (JFK)

While I didn’t pay for the flight, I do know what the tickets cost. Each ticket including tax came to $609.48. This brought the grand total to $1,218.96.

Hotel/ Accommodations:

Our hotel stay will be at the all- inclusive Dreams Sands Cancun Resort & Spa. From what I understand, everything is included (minus airport transfers). The room, food, drinks, activities.

I wouldn’t consider myself an all-inclusive kind of traveler, but this will be a lot of fun for Lucas. Lucas loves playing in the sand and going in the water so I think that he’ll have a blast.

I don’t know for sure what the price would be to stay at the Dreams Sands but I did price the room on CheapCaribbean.

A four- night stay for 2 at the Dreams Sands Cancun Resort for our travel dates came to $1,510.16.

Total Trip Cost:

Based on the prices listed above, the value of our prize came to $2,729.12. (Not a bad deal for sending out a bunch of tweets!)

While Cancun, Mexico wouldn’t be a place I’d choose to visit I do feel that it will be a fun trip. Lucas is really excited for the beach and pool (and to see pyramids). If Lucas is having fun, I am happy!

Oh and, some sort of travel is better than no travel!

Thanks CheapCaribbean and Dreams Sands for the trip. 🙂

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