A Visit to the Magnum Ice Cream Bar NYC

Magnum Ice Cream Bar

I recently wrote about how you could design your own Magnum ice cream bar at a NYC pop-up.

While designing your own ice cream bar isn’t cheap ($7 for one bar), I still felt it would be a fun thing to do in NYC, especially for a 4.5 year old!

Kim, Lucas and I had to run a few errands in the city so we decided to pay the Magnum Ice Cream Bar pop-up a visit!

a group of people in a hallway

When we arrived at Magnum, the place had a line and all of the seats inside were taken. I debated whether or not this was a good thing. (Empty store most likely means not good, busy could mean good product or touristy or gimmicky…)

Regardless, we got on the line and figured we’d wait since Lucas was looking forward to this fun and potentially tasty experience!

a sign with text on it

There were some instructions on how the process works.

a group of people in a restaurant

First you choose your toppings. There is something like 20 toppings offered of which you can pick 3. (We chose crumbled black & white cookies,  chocolate covered sunflower seeds and gold flakes.)

a woman in black cap and gloves preparing food

The next step is to choose your ice cream flavor. Choices are limited to chocolate or vanilla. The Magnum ice cream barista then unwraps a Magnum bar sans any toppings or “naked” according to the signage in the shop.

a hand reaching out to a chocolate bar

Next up we selected a chocolate coating. The three choices are milk, dark or white chocolate. We’re all dark chocolate fans so the decision was easy!

a person pouring a liquid into a popsicle

Next up, the barista sprinkled the three toppings to each side of the Magnum bar. The ice cream is placed in a special cardboard container to keep the toppings from falling out

After this is done, the final step is choosing another drizzle of melty chocolate. We went with more dark chocolate.

And that’s it, your Magnum Ice Cream Bar masterpiece is complete!

Here are some shots of the shop, which is nicely decorated.

a sign on a wall
Popsicle Stick Art
a glass display case with a letter on it
A Bedazzled Magnum

a man standing in front of a sign

a ice cream bar on a stick
Our Masterpiece!

a man sitting in a chair holding a box of chocolate

We dug in and really enjoyed our special Magnum ice cream bar. Surprisingly we found one bar enough for the three of us to share.

The ice cream was delicious and we did a good job with our topping selections. Lucas discovered that he really likes chocolate covered sunflower seeds. I felt that the black & white cookie was the best and tastiest topping and the gold flakes looked nice but didn’t add much flavor.

While $7 sounds like a lot of money to customize your own ice cream bar, this isn’t just about ice cream. We found the experience to be a lot of fun- choosing the toppings, watching the ice cream barista do her thing in adding the elements and of course eating the Magnum bar!

If you happen to be in Soho in NYC, I’d definitely recommend giving the Magnum NYC pop-up a try.

Find out more about Magnum NYC here.

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