Yet Another Delay to the NYC Anthony Boudain Market

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One of the most anticipated food projects coming to NYC has to be the upcoming Anthony Bourdain Market.

The market will be an international food hall featuring vendors from around the world serving up a wide variety of cuisines.

Initially the market was supposed to open in 2015. Then it was announced that it would open in 2017.

Delays are being caused due to (among other things) visas needed for the international vendors. Eater mentioned that the market which will be located at Pier 57 also “has a host of its own complications.”

According to the Bourdain Market website and Instagram account the market is now coming in 2019! Wow, two ¬†years longer than expected. Now you’ve got to wonder, will this market ever open! I sure hope so as it does sound like a great idea.

(Find out more by checking out my update about Anthony Bourdain Market from earlier this month.)

Besides letting us know about the 2019 opening,¬†also mentions that we can register to learn more about their food partners on their mobile app starting in January. I’ll most likely download the app to find out more about the vendors.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Bourdain Market? It appears that those that are interested will have to wait even longer than expected…

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  1. They built the Empire State Building is less time! And probably more cheaply, though not in today’s dollars…

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