Wow! WOW air Coming to NYC!

Wow air

Earlier in the day I wrote about Allegiant Air coming to the NYC market which I feel is pretty awesome. While I’ve never flown with Allegiant, more options are certainly a good thing for us flyers.

Shortly after I posted about Allegiant I was even happier to receive an e-mail from WOW air with some even better news!

When I opened the e-mail, I pretty much said WOW! Wow air is coming to New York!

I’ve been reading about WOW’s cheap fares for a while and have been meaning to try out the airline. However, it never really made sense for us to catch a flight with WOW since we’d have to first get to Boston or Washington, DC.

WOW air will be taking off from Newark Airport (EWR) at then end of November to a variety of European destinations.

We’ll now to be able to fly from Newark to:

  1. Iceland
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Berlin
  4. Bristol
  5. Copenhagen
  6. Dublin
  7. Frankfurt
  8. London
  9. Paris

That’s a pretty nice selection of destinations that will be offered from the NYC area with WOW. The top two that I’d be interested in flying to are Iceland and Dublin, Ireland, both places that I’ve yet to visit.

To celebrate WOW coming to the NYC market, they’re currently offering incredibly cheap fares.

  • Fly to Iceland one way from $99- travel November 30- December 6, 2016 & January 10- March 22, 2017
  • Fly to Bristol, Dublin or London from $149 one way- travel November 27- December 11, 2016 & January 8- March 19, 2017.
  • Fly to Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt or Paris from $149 one way-┬átravel November 30- December 7, 2016 & January 10- March 22, 2017.

Travel to all destinations are via Iceland.

Are you excited to see WOW air coming to the NYC market? I certainly am!

Find out more and book your flights with WOW here.

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