JFK Terminal 5 Closed Yesterday Due to Bomb Scare

JFK Terminal 5
image: Gothamist

After the awful terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, many airports around the world are most likely on a higher alert.

With fears of other attacks around the world, New York’s JFK Terminal 5 was briefly closed yesterday due to a bomb scare.

Gothamist mentioned that JFK, LaGuardia and Newark, tightened security, sending “armored trucks loaded with tactical weapons to patrol outside area airports“.

Yesterday, JFK Terminal 5 was closed for a short amount of time due to a suspicious package.¬†At around 9 AM a “K9 dog flagged an unattended suitcase“. T5 was evacuated and policed blocked the roads.

The bomb squad came in and cleared the package at around 9:40 AM. Soon after the terminal reopened.

It’s definitely good to hear that this was a false alarm but I do hope that terminal closures don’t become a norm at area airports during the busy summer travel season.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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