JetBlue Giving TSA PreCheck To Mosaic Members!

TSA PreCheck

Long security lines at US airports have been a major issue and topic of conversation for some time now.

Many are pointing fingers at the TSA for not effectively doing its job. The TSA recently said that they would be spending $28 million for more screeners.

While nobody likes to spend extra money, it seems that these long waits are also costing the airlines so they too have been trying to help to make their flyers move through security quicker.

One way to save time is by having TSA PreCheck. And now, JetBlue wants to pick up the tab for TSA PreCheck for its TrueBlue Mosaic members for a limited time.

American Airlines spent $4 million to help speed up security lines and Delta is spending $5 million. While JetBlue didn’t announce an amount of money it was spending with this new offer, I think it’s an interesting way to give back to their most loyal (or status matched) flyers.

Here’s how the offer works:

TrueBue Members with Mosaic status that do not have a Known Traveler Number included in their profile will receive an e-mail from JetBlue by July 1. The e-mail will include a promo-code that can be be used for a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Voucher.

Once you make an appointment with the TSA, the voucher can be used to cover the cost of PreCheck.

In order to qualify, Mosaic status had to be earned prior to June 30, 2016. Codes can be redeemed until September 30, 2016.

In the press release that I received, JetBlue says that they have been working with the TSA to reduce wait times. According to the press release “The airline has provided crewmembers and third-party personnel for non-security positions so that TSA officers can be redeployed for additional screening lanes. JetBlue and the TSA have been collaborating on queue designs for optimum flow and a better customer experience. JetBlue also shares flight data with TSA to assist with check point staffing“.

This is a very nice and creative offer from JetBlue. TSA PreCheck costs an $85 application fee and lasts for 5 years. (I’d love to take advantage of this since I have Mosaic status but I also already have TSA PreCheck!)

Find out more in the JetBlue press release here.

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