A French Museum All About Bordeaux Wine Is Opening

Bordeaux Wine
image: La Cite du Vine Facebook

When it comes to visiting museums I tend to gravitate towards those focused on bizarre topics. Many of them usually focus on food or oddities.

Here are some interesting museums I’ve visited:

I just came across news of a new museum opening in France dedicated to Bordeaux wine!

According to Eater, “A £63 million (about $92.4 million) wine museum called La Cité du Vin is set to open next week ahead of the 10th Bordeaux Wine Festival“.

The museum has various exhibits, tasting rooms and a gift shop. An interesting feature of the museum, is the building’s appearance, having a “strong resemblance to a wine decanter“.

If you plan to visit, you can take a self-guided tour of the museum’s permanent and temporary exhibits where you can learn about the history of wine as well as different wine regions around the world.

La Cite du Vin will have 20 themed areas with “shows, workshops, restaurants, shops and wine samples“.

Even though I’m not much of a wine fan I’d still love to visit since the museum sounds pretty interesting and unique. Would you like to visit?

Find out more from Eater here.

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