Filipino Chain Jollibee Coming To NYC


Last week I wrote about Jollibee, a fun food recommendation from Anthony Bourdain.

Jollibee is a Filipino fast food chain which some might consider the McDonald’s of the Philippines. While there are over 30 locations in the US, most are located on the West Coast (primarily in California).

The Michael W Travels family lives in Brooklyn, NY so we visited the Jollibee located in Queens. However, our options to dine at the chain will soon be increasing!

The only other Jollibee located close to home is in New Jersey in Jersey City. I can’t say that we go through Jersey City much, so it isn’t likely that we’ll make a special trip there just to eat some Filipino fast food.

I just came across news from Gothamist that Jollibee will be coming to Manhattan in the not so distant future. This will be the chain’s second New York City location! I found it rather odd to come across this news considering I just published my review of the restaurant!

The restaurant will be located near the Port Authority at 609 Eighth Avenue and is set to open in the fall.

Like I mentioned in my recent post, Kim and I did enjoy Jollibee but we need to go back to try what might be their most popular dish, their fried chicken called Chickenjoy.

Now I just wonder if the new location will get the kind of crowd that we saw while dining there in Queens! I’d definitely assume that it will.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

6 thoughts on “Filipino Chain Jollibee Coming To NYC

  1. I was waiting for this post haha! Kinda disappointed it will be around Port Authority. Not too fond of that area… btw, even more upsetting that Bourdain’s food hall got pushed back. 2019 is a long time to wait. Ugh =(

    1. Not sure how well their NYC urban location will work and why that particular area was chosen. The San Francisco Jollibee located in SoMa near high foot traffic Moscone Center closed years ago.

  2. Jollibee is the McDo’s of the USA but isn’t the best (IMO). You should go to California or Las Vegas and visit Chowking and Red Ribbon.

    1. Or go to the Jollibee at the The Great Mall in Milpitas, CA and visit both. They are connected. You can’t miss it as it’s labeled like an anchor store (just like Home Depot or Kohl’s).

  3. Ang- I also wish it was in a better location/ also hoping for a Brooklyn location! Bourdain’s food hall… Will it ever open!

    Adam- Chowking does look good! We went to Red Ribbon a couple blocks down from Jollibee in Woodside. I didn’t get anything but my wife & son liked the purple yam cake. I’ll def try it next time!

  4. Chickenjoy is one of the best fried chicken I’ve had. Make sure to ask for the rice and gravy, then liberally pour the gravy over the rice and pair with the chicken. Yum!

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