Tim Tebow Pitches In During Medical Emergency During Flight

Tim Tebow
image: Facebook- Richard V Gotti

During a Delta flight flying from Atlanta to Phoenix, a medical emergency took place and many passengers got involved to help the man out.

One of those passengers who pitched in was former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

(The last time that I heard a story about an athlete helping out during a flight was when former Mets pitcher LaTroy Hawkins helped subdue an unruly passenger.)

The man suffered a heart attack and fellow passengers helped out with “chest compressions, starting an IV, helping breathe life into this man, or praying,” according to Richard V Gotti in a Facebook post.

While the situation took place, Tebow went from first class to the back of the plane to pray with the man’s wife and other passengers.

With help from the crew, the man’s heart started beating again and the plane was “met by paramedics on the runway“.

A Tweet included in a post from CBS News even mentions that Tebow also went with the man’s wife to the hospital.

While Tebow hasn’t confirmed being on the flight, many are saying he was on the plane. (The image above is supposedly Tebow comforting the man’s wife…)

It’s nice to hear a story of people helping each other out in a time of need during a fight rather than fighting over reclining seats and overhead bin space!

Nice job Tim Tebow and all of the other passengers and crew during the flight!

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