Uber Driver Suing NYPD Detective For Harassment

Uber Driver
image: screen capture from youtube

Last year an Uber driver got harassed by an NYPD detective after he let the cop know that he wasn’t using his signal when parking.

The incident was captured on video by the passenger in the back of the Uber. The video got over 4.5 million views on YouTube. It also has led to the driver Humayun Chaudry feeling “humiliated“, according to Gothamist.

Now Chaudry is suing the detective and the NYPD for what took place.

The situation happened in the afternoon on March 30 on the West Side Highway.

Here’s what happened according to Gothamist:

Chaudry was about to make a left when he came behind Detective Patrick Cherry in an unmarked car. Cherry was attempting to park without using his blinker or hazard light at a green light; Chaudry came up next to him and gestured for him to use his signal, then drove away.

Cherry then chased him down, pulled him over, and his passenger at the time captured the interaction“.

The officer cursed and berated Chaudry, telling him that he was teaching him a lesson on how to act towards police officers (to not do what he did ever again!).

Detective Cherry was investigated and it turns out that he’s had at least a dozen other complaints. He apologized on TV to NBC News.

Chaudry says that he’s barely been able to work since the incident. It isn’t know how much he is suing for.

Find out more from Gothamist and check out the video from the incident here.

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