Ridiculous Street Signs #22: Slippery Steps-Krakow, Poland

Ridiculous Street Signs

I’m always on the lookout for ridiculous street signs whether it be at home or while traveling. I love sharing my finds as well as those from some contributors.

During our recent trip to Poland, Lucas and I were in Krakow when we had to get to the other side of a road. To do so, we had to go down a set of stairs and walk through an underground tunnel, across to the other side (and back up again)….funny street signs

When we got to the bottom of the stairs, I noticed an odd stick-figure warning sign on the wall. I wasn’t really sure what it meant so I stopped for a closer look.
funny street signs

What could it mean? I doubted that it meant, do not jump backwards off the steps so I looked up the phrase Ostroznie! Sliska Posadzka in Google Translate.

The result I got was, “Carefully! Slippery Floor“.

While going up and down these stairs, I don’t recall them being slippery. (Maybe it is when its rainy out?) And, even if the steps were slippery, I don’t feel that the sign really showed that message in the image!

What do you feel the warning for this sign should be based on the image?

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