A Unique Burger King I’d Love To Visit!

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image: Daily Meal

While I rarely visit fast food chains at home, I love visiting McDonald’s around the world to see what kind of local items might be on the menu.

If I happen to find myself in Finland in the future, I’d really like to visit a special Burger King but it’s not due to the food!

A Burger King in Helsinki, Finland recently opened a spa inside!

The Burger King spa has two saunas. One sauna can accommodate 15 people which can make it a great option for birthday parties and social gatherings. The other sauna is good for 10 people and has a TV inside.

The Daily Meal reports that “The spa is home to a media lounge complete with an entertainment system: 55-inch TV, Playstation, and separate laundry room“. The most unique part of the spa experience is that you can have Burger King delivered to you while you enjoy the sauna! (Wow, just imagine the smell of meat sweats coming from a party of 15!)

If you’d like to visit, bookings need to be made in advance. It’s also a bit pricey, coming in at $285 for 3 hours.

Find out more from the Daily Meal here.

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7 thoughts on “A Unique Burger King I’d Love To Visit!

  1. Burger King on Florida St. in Buenos Aires is located in a former 3 story mansion. Absolutely has to have the fanciest interior of ANY fast food restaurant in the world! Definitely worth a visit if you’re ever on this main shopping street in Bs.As.

  2. Michael here’s a quote from an ex employee of McDonald’s :

    “I never realized that at the slaughterhouse, these terrified birds are shackled and hung upside down, their throats are cut while they’re still conscious, and many of them are scalded to death in the tanks of water used for feather removal”

    That is a tiny pice of the huge cruel industry where McDonald’s and Burger King are the main offenders. Their part in destroying the environment at alarming rate is another aspect. And the fact their food is extremely unhealthy.

    And you’re giving them free advertising. Think about it maybe. Look into the way animals are brutally killed. You will feel sick to your stomach

    1. Andy,
      Thank you for your insightfulness. Surely you’re a member of PETA and The Humane Society of the United States and have in-depth first-hand knowledge of the U.S. meat industry. Please continue with your diatribe and detail to all of us ignorant meat-eaters how we are contributing to all the ills of the world and to its final destruction. “VEGANS unite for a better world!” Now I think I’ll go out to get some chicken nuggets with Buffalo sauce to feel and get sick to my stomach ——-

      1. Awesome Rich. Please do that. Your sarcasm makes no odds to me. I am a member of both those fine organizations after 40+ years of meat eating, I suddenly realized what I was contributing to and what I was doing to my body.

        You and everyone else are free to do what you want. Its a free country after all. I just am trying to help helpless animals that are slaughtered in the most ridiculously cruel manner. They have no voice. Most live in agony from day 1 and actually try to commit suicide many times but are prevented from doing so. Yes, A-hole, this is what I found out and couldn’t do it anymore. If it was cruelty free (or even remotely close) I would still eat meat.

        Not that you care. About anyone but your fat self no doubt. The hormones and chemicals in your “nuggets” will hopefully get to you soon anyway.

  3. Andy,
    My previous post concerning your diatribe contained no vulgar name calling. As you deem it relevant to refer to me as “A-hole” and “your fat self” and wishing me a quick demise, readers here can only summarize you are probably just a “troll” attempting to get a rise and can’t be taken seriously. If not, thanks for following my advice on advising us as it does bring a note of levity, but please, no more name calling and related negativity. It’s very unbecoming and does nothing to enhance your credibility —

  4. Rich A- That does sound pretty awesome!

    Andy & Rich- We can certainly all have different opinions on this topic. Let’s keep things civil…

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