Choice Hotels: Two Stays = $50 Gift Card

Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels wants to pay you back for staying at their properties by bringing back a popular promo.

With the offer you can earn unlimited gift cards through the summer.

When you take two separate trips between now and August 18 you will “earn enough points towards a $50 gift card of your choice“.

Promotional gift cards must be redeemed by September 30, 2016.

To qualify for the offer:

  • You need to register for the promotion.
  • Stays must be booked at, Choice Hotels mobile app or by calling 800-4.Choice.
  • Choice Hotels # must be provided upon check-in
  • You must maintain an address in the U.S. (including U.S. territories) or Canada to be eligible for this promotion“.

Here’s how the bonus is awarded: (According to the T&Cs)

After a second qualifying trip with arrival between 5/12/16 and 8/18/16, members will be awarded enough bonus points to reach the 8,000 point level, which can be redeemed until 09/30/16 for one (1) $50 gift card at selected retailers“.

What does Choice mean by a “trip”? “A trip is defined as a stay that is any number of consecutive nights at one hotel regardless of check-ins or check-outs“.

(I’m interpreting this to mean that a trip is a two- night stay or longer at one hotel.)

Don’t forget: To qualify for the bonus, you need to set your earning preference to Choice Privileges points.

Find out more and register for the Choice Hotels promo here.

9 thoughts on “Choice Hotels: Two Stays = $50 Gift Card

  1. One night is sufficient to constitute a stay. It used to be that some lower brands required two nights for a stay, but now all are one.

    They’ve always had the unclear wording.

  2. Under FAQ…

    7. What’s a ‘trip’?

    As a member, you must complete ‘two separate qualifying trips.’
    •Trip’ = 1+ consecutive nights at all Choice Hotels

    NOTE: Consecutive nights at one hotel only count as one trip, regardless of check-ins or check-outs.

  3. Carl P- Thanks for the info. I remember this interpretation issue with other offers! Are you sure it means 1 night or more? To me, the word consecutive would make it mean a min of 2! I should call to clarify when I get a chance.

  4. It always has, but I’ll have a 2nd one night stay Monday so I’ll have real life confirmation later in the week.

    1. Anyone know for sure on this? I recall the last time a qualifiying stay was 2 nights at certain hotels but only 1 night at Ascend properties. I’m never at the same hotel for 2 nights for business but did take advantage when it was 1 night. I’m not willing to risk it this time though unless I know for sure as I recall it very specifically stated it the way I posted above and this time it doesn’t.

  5. I stayed one night at a Comfort Inn on 5/16 and stayed one night on 5/23. Today I received the points for the second stay. It did NOT include the points to get it to 8K. I called customer service and asked about the terms. She told me a one night stay is fine for the promo (at any brand). I then asked her to look at my account. She said the promo had to be registered for (I knew that and thought I had). She then said as a Platinum she would go ahead and issue the extra points (and did so immediately) anyway.

    I could not find an email that I registered, but when I went to the page today it says I was already registered. It is possible she did that for me. I stayed at two more Comfort Inns Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I’ll see if the extra points happen automatically or if I need to call again.

    So it seems to confirm that one night qualifies as a stay, unless she misunderstood the promo and gave me points she shouldn’t have. I think the former is the case (one night is a stay).

  6. I have called everone I can call to find out why I have not got my $50.00 gift for staying
    two nights at Choice Hotels. Well we have done that and still no $50.00 gift card.
    What is the problem? I cannot get an answer from anyone.
    Louis Campbell–
    Please answer

  7. I think this promotion is great , I stay in four different hotels a week and did get the 2 $50 gift cards ( Amazon digital cards). Also great if u sign up for the 2.50 a night bonus also there’s $110 a week

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