Tourists Attacked in Thailand Testify

Tourists Brutally Attacked in Thailand
image: CBS

Last week I wrote about tourists being brutally attacked in Thailand.

The tourists were a family who included an elderly couple along with their 43-year-old son. The problems supposedly started when the son accidentally bumped into a member of the Thai gang who attacked them.

Here’s an update on the story.

A minister of the Thai Prime Minister’s Office visited the couple, Rosemary and Lewis Owen at the hospital in Hua Hin on Monday. There was an apology given from the government by the minister and he also promised the suspects would go to trial.

CBS reports that the minister Panadda Diskul “was accompanied by the Hua Hin police superintendent, the Hua Hin mayor and the provincial governor… They presented the couple with fruit baskets, flowers and other gifts“.

Before heading home on Tuesday, the couple was “taken to the Hua Hin court for their testimonies to be recorded“. The testimony will be used when the trial takes place and will allow them to not need to travel back to Thailand when it begins.

The trial date hasn’t been set and the couple’s testimony wasn’t made public.

The men who attacked the family are in their 20s and 30s. They apologized for what they did and said they wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t drunk.

Talk about a pathetic excuse for what they did!

Find out more from CBS News here.

3 thoughts on “Tourists Attacked in Thailand Testify

  1. What they did? How about you watch more closely. The whole situation starts cause the British guy pushes the Thai guy out of the way as their walking by, the British lady then slaps the Thai guy in the face. Finally later in the video a Thai woman tries to stop the fight and a British guy throws her back when she’s trying to help. It’s all perspective. Maybe those Brits shouldn’t go to someone else’s country and disrespect them, what do they think would happen.

  2. Thailand lost the plot a few years ago. Greedy, sniffling jerks. The whole country is a trap for Westerners and anyone foolish enough to go there these days deserves everything they get. The place is violent, there are armed robberies and bashings daily against tourists, you have a military junta running the joint and of course this obsession with greed. Yuk. I’ll never go there again, I stopped in 2012 after 20 years of return visits. Greedy little bastards will never be seeing another baht from me.

  3. William- I watched the video a few times and couldn’t really tell what was going on until closer to the end. According to reports the British couple’s son accidentally banged into one of the Thai involved.

    Robbo- I haven’t been back to Thailand since 2010. I’d like to hope that what you’re writing isn’t true but I have seen other things written about how tourists are attacked quite frequently etc…

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