$260,000 Allegedly Stolen from Man’s Carry On During Flight

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I don’t know about you, but I never keep valuables like money in a carry on bag.

One man is claiming that he had goods and money worth $260,000 in his carry on bag which was placed in the overhead bin stolen during a flight to Hong Kong!

Supposedly two watches and foreign currency were stolen from the 39 year-old Turkish businessman while on an Emirates flight.

According to T+L. “Reports vary as to the exact amount of the valuables—running from $26,000 to the $260,000—but the estimates hover in the multi-digit range“.

When the flight arrived in Hong Kong, the man reported the alleged theft to cabin crew who then alerted the police. Emirates told T+L that they’re working closely with the police, providing info to assist in the investigation.

As of now the situation has not been cleared up.

I don’t know about you, but I’d recommend that you be extra careful with what you leave in your carry on bag- especially if you’re storing it in the overhead bin. (Or maybe you should keep your valuables close by wearing this jacket.)

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4 thoughts on “$260,000 Allegedly Stolen from Man’s Carry On During Flight

  1. It is possible he exaggerated or lied about the value of the contents.

    If I had that much in value with me I would not casually put it in an overhead bin without much protection from entry and without watching it closely.

    Or maybe he is filthy rich and the contents are a drop in the bucket of his net worth.

  2. Smells like an inside job. Someone had to know this businessman was carrying this much on that particular flight and that it would be in the overheads instead of on his body or under the seat.

  3. Danny- For sure! I lock my carry on at times during a flight but always do so when I leave my hostel or hotel. If someone wants to get into the bag , they definitely can but like you said it’s a deterrent and I’ll know if someone messed with it…

  4. How about putting a lock on your carry on bag if there are valuables inside? At least it would deter someone from opening your bag. You can buy locks at Walmart for $5. Cheap investment if you are carrying $264k in goods/cash.

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