Delta Airlines Spending $5 Million to Speed Up Lines At Airports

Delta Airlines

Last week I wrote about American Airlines spending $4 million to speed up lines at the airport.

Now it turns out that Delta Airlines is following their lead but doing so by over-spending AA by $1 million.

According to a press release, Delta will be “adding staff, funding to ease summer security lines“.

Delta will be “investing” close to $5 million to help with the security lines. The airline will spend up to $4 million on extra staffing at 32 airports around the U.S. and $1 million in research and development on two new checkpoint lanes at Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson Airport.

The airline is doing four things to help decrease wait times at TSA lines.

Here is what they plan to do:

  1. Staffing up by adding staffing at TSA checkpoints to manage lines, bins and other similar tasks. This will hopefully free up TSA staff to then be able to open additional lines when possible.
  2. Thinking differently by coming up with ideas for “queue design and how checkpoints could be redesigned for a more optimal flow and ease of movement“.
  3. Innovating by spending close to $1 million to “redesign two checkpoint lanes at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport” which “are expected to increase throughput“.
  4. Giving customers a choice by “Partnering with CLEAR to provide complimentary enrollment to Diamond Medallions and preferential pricing to SkyMiles members for expedited document check-in and biometric verification for priority queuing at hubs this year“.

Since Delta Airlines started adding staffing earlier this month, the TSA has been able to open close to 30 additional lanes at the airports which would’ve otherwise not been used.

Find out more from Delta News Hub here.

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