11 Things I Learned From My 1st Father Son Trip

Father Son Trip

Lucas and I recently went on our 1st Father Son Trip. The destination wasn’t so important when the idea came up but I knew it had to be an international trip.

I decided on Poland since it was a country I’ve long wanted to visit plus I was able to get an award flight there in business class using my AAdvantage miles. (Check out my Poland Trip Planning post here.)

Before pulling the trigger on traveling with Lucas for close to a week without Kim, I had to decide if this was the smartest idea.

The biggest question I had was if Lucas would miss mommy?  Well of course he would but more so, would it affect how he acted or behaved during the trip? I didn’t think it would considering Lucas is such an experienced traveler. (Lucas has already visited 30 countries, reaching that milestone before his 4th birthday back in January.)

It turns out that traveling alone with Lucas was one of the best new and unique experiences that I’ve had while traveling in years!

Our trip was awesome and the memories will never be forgotten!

Our 1st Father Son Trip was a real adventure! (It was so much fun that we might need to make this an annual event! Hmmm- not sure that Kim would enjoy being left out of our future travels though!)

Here are 11 things I learned from My 1st Father Son Trip!

  1. It takes around 4-5 hours to get through one movie during a flight when you’re the sole parents taking care of a four-year old.
  2. I felt much more focused when it came to all aspects of the trip.
  3. I can read maps better than I thought I could. Kim is usually the navigator while I plan what we’ll do.
  4. Lucas can take pretty good pictures.
  5. I’m capable of waking up on time without my wife. Since Kim wasn’t there to set an alarm, (I did set my iPhone) I found my internal clock knew when I had to get up.
  6. FaceTime is even more amazing than I ever thought. Lucas and I were able to speak to and see Kim everyday thanks to good, old technology!
  7. I think I knew this already but Lucas can have fun doing just about anything.
  8. Even though I was completely responsible for Lucas, it didn’t in any way take away from enjoying the sights.
  9. A four-year old makes a great travel companion!
  10. Traveling solo with your child isn’t so hard.
  11. Traveling with Lucas was an exciting & amazing experience!

To sum it up best, I’d love to go away on another Father Son Trip in the future!

Since Kim isn’t traveling at the moment while pregnant with Baby W Travels, it looks like Lucas and I have another adventure coming up in early July. Stay tuned to find out where we’re going and why we picked the destination!

Have you traveled solo with your little guy (or gal). If so, how old were they and what was your experience like?

3 thoughts on “11 Things I Learned From My 1st Father Son Trip

  1. MW,
    Your blog narrations are almost always positive. Lucas appears to be quite the young man. A fellow blogger of yours, MP by initials, always seems to have hardships traveling with her little people. I’m not sure if she writes for sympathy or martyrdom.

  2. Rich- Thanks for the comment. I never really thought about the tone of my posts but I just like to write it like it is. I guess we’ve been lucky to never have had much hardship other than AA breaking Lucas’s stroller on the way to Grenada in late 2015!

    I know everyone likes to say it about their own kid but Lucas really is an amazing little boy. Curious, friendly, smart and a great travel partner! He’s also now starting to take some pretty decent photos! 🙂

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