A Couple of New Travel Channel Shows Announced!

Travel Channel Shows

While we love to travel, the Michael W Travels family also enjoys watching travel- related shows on TV.

Some of the best travel shows have to do with food. Some of my favorites have been Andrew Zimmer’s Bizarre Foods, various Anthony Bourdain shows, Man vs Food and more.

It was recently announced that two favorites will have new Travel Channel shows coming out this summer!

I’ve had the chance to listen to talks and meet both Andrew Zimmern and Adam Richman at the New York Times Travel Show in the past. Now both will be bringing shows with a new twist to the Travel Channel.

Andrew Zimmern made eating strange, odd and often nasty looking food an adventure for many of us to indulge in with his Bizarre Foods shows. I used to watch them religiously! Now he’ll be taking a new kind of journey on the show Driven By Food.

According to Eater, “Zimmern leans on locals as his tour guides and tests out off-the-radar spots while exploring cities like Kashmir and Venice. The show is all about going behind the scenes and avoiding tourist traps in popular dining destinations“.

Driven By Food sounds like a show I’ll be tuning in to (or recording!). It is scheduled to debut this August.

Adam Richman made eating into a sport by taking on crazy food challenges on Man vs Food. He’s also had a couple of other, similar shows. His new show coming to Travel Channel is called Secret Eats with Adam Richman.

According to Travel Channel, “Richman will seek out dining spots that are off the beaten path in cities around the world, but will also focus on uncovering off-menu items“.

I’m glad to see Richman back on Travel Channel and it will be fun to follow him as he tries out food in destinations around the world. Secret Eats is set to debut in July.

How do you feel about food-related travel shows? Are you interested in watching either of the new Travel Channel Shows coming out this summer?

Find out more from Eater here.

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