United Airlines Wants Us To Help Them Get Flights to Cuba

United Airlines

There are many US airlines which have submitted applications to have the right to fly to Cuba. (Cranky Flier has a post with a list of all of the airlines and routes they’re requesting to fly.)

United Airlines is looking to be awarded a bunch of routes to Havana and is also looking to us for some help.

I received an e-mail from United earlier today asking to support their proposed service to Cuba.

United is hoping to get to fly to Havana from four US destinations, Newark (NYC area), Houston- Intercontinental, Chicago- O’Hare and Washington- Dulles.

The spin on this request to “take action” for United is that without the service “millions of customers nationwide will miss out on convenient and accessible travel options to Cuba“. I don’t know about this rationale considering loads of other airlines are also hoping to fly to Cuba. Do they not count?

So should I (we) support United’s request to fly routes to Havana? To be honest, it doesn’t really matter much to me for one main reason.

  • I’m not rolling in United miles (I do have a decent balance though) so I’d prefer to see American get some of these flights. Too bad they’re not even requesting to fly from NYC to Cuba!
  • Also, we recently visited Cuba so while it is a destination I’d love to revisit someday, I wouldn’t be looking to go back in the near future. (Check out my Cuba posts in the links below.)

Now if United Airlines was to offer some sort of mileage bonus to fill out their form to take action, I’d definitely be in! (They could even run a contest where you get an entry for filling out the form.)

If you’d like to support United’s hopes to fly to Havana, check out their site dedicated to the cause here.

Like I stated above, the Michael W Travels family visited Cuba a few months back.

Check out some posts about our trip:

3 thoughts on “United Airlines Wants Us To Help Them Get Flights to Cuba

  1. I think they are way over estimating the appeal of Havana. Varadero is the place frozen northeners will want to visit.

  2. Sir Flys Alot- LOL

    Altavistagoogle- I think Havana will appeal to anyone looking to visit Cuba. Varadero will appeal more specifically to those looking for a beachy resort area.

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