Woman Caught at JFK Airport with $10,000 in Coke Up Her…

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We’ve heard stories of drug mules transporting drugs by swallowing balloons full of drugs but this method of transport is just odd.

I came across a story in Gothamist about a “Woman Busted At JFK Airport With $10K Worth of Coke Up In Her Happy Friday“.

Talk about a crazy title for an article. While skimming through the Gothamist article, it led me to a press release from US Customs and Border Protection.

US Customs and Border Protection mentions how they are “always discovering interesting concealment methods“. It turns out that one woman, a would-be smuggler tried to bring drugs into the US by “vaginally inserting coke“.

Shekira Thompson flew back to New York’s JFK Airport from Kingston, Jamaica on February 21. She was escorted by CBP officers into a private search room. While being questions she “admitted to vaginally inserting a foreign body“, according to the press release.

The package inserted was tested, coming back positive for cocaine. It weighed around 1/2 pound and has a street value of $10,000.

Thompson was placed under arrest by CBP officers and was turned over to the Port Authority Police Department. She will be prosecuted by the Queens County District Attorney and faces narcotics smuggling charges.

Check out the Gothamist article here and the press release from US Customs and Border Protection here.

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