Boy Has Allergic Reaction, Kicked Off Allegiant Airlines Flight, Other Passengers Clap

Allegiant Airlines
image: screen capture from ABC15

The passengers on this flight should be ashamed of themselves.

A seven-year old boy, Giovanni Alvarado and his family were supposed to fly back to Arizona from Washington state with Allegiant Airlines. However young Giovanni started to have an allergic reaction from a dog on the plane during boarding. The flight attendants moved the family to the back of the plane but in the end, the family was removed from the flight.

Then the cruelty happened.

As he family was walking off of the plane, some of the other passengers started applauding. According to ABC15, “The family said they believe a flight attendant, who was making snide remarks, egged on some of the passengers“.

To make matters worse, the boy’s father Jorge has terminal cancer and was taking the trip to visit family.

You’ve got to feel bad when you read a statement like this- “I’m sad this has to be a memory of my dad,” Giovanni said. “Clapping on the plane when he got off.”

In ABC15’s article they mention that, “the dog’s owner refused to move and feels everyone’s reaction is a slap in the face“.

While the family is in contact with Allegiant, they aren’t looking for any compensation.

Here’s some happy news related to the story. The family was given a three-day, two-night trip to Disneyland from Southwest Airlines Vacation!

What do you think about other passengers applauding a young kid being removed from a flight due to an allergic reaction? I think it’s definitely ridiculous.

Find out more from ABC15 here.

10 thoughts on “Boy Has Allergic Reaction, Kicked Off Allegiant Airlines Flight, Other Passengers Clap

  1. it feels normal to me for the US. in the land of the free this things seem to be happening often, so they are even free to applaude. I can not think of a situation like this happening on any other place on the globe.

  2. Definitely cruel, no doubt. Years ago I was on a plane and started to wheeze, eyes teared and itched. The only time that happens is when I am near a cat. Why would I even assume that there was a cat on board an airplane? Sure enough, the woman next to me had her cat in a carrier underneath her seat. I immediately asked to be moved, and thankfully, I was. But I did not have medicine with me, and it was a difficult flight for me. I had been in a few countries where the allergy medicine was not accessible.

    The article does not mention if the dog was a service one. Maybe online airline profiles these days should include, Are you allergic to animals?

  3. Give the kid some Benadryl and move on. Parents and people cannot expect the world to revolve around them because they have an allergy – they should be prepared. The people should not have clapped, but the family removing themselves was the right move.

  4. OK, I’ll bite. To me, this is likely media sensationalism at its finest. Why? The plane sat for some 90 minutes prior to any decision regarding whether the kid should or should not attempt to fly in light of his allergic reaction. Why? The allergic is present, and would remain regardless whether the dog is subsequently removed. There’s no reason why it took so long to make a decision, whether it be the crew or family that makes the call. This situation would foreseeable frustrate a reasonable person, and lead some to clap when the source of frustration leaves (bearing in mind the pax have no knowledge of the sad personal situation of the family). Moreover, it’s quite possible that the majority of pax had no clue as to the cause of the delay, and simply clapped in reaction to becoming aware of the end of the delay (with no intent directed at the family). But all the media cares about is generating click bait fueled by unfettered outpouring of emotion, not to be constrained by the annoyances of logic or reality. Sure, the outcome was sad for the family and kid. However this doesn’t mean that the pax on the plane were evil/heartless, as the media strongly implies. Hurt feelings on one’s part does not amount to a wrongful act by another.

  5. It’s sad when people do not care at all about a little boy who is suffering. I’m sure that the people who were clapping would have felt very differently and would have appreciated some compassion if they were the ones who had to deal with allergy symptoms.

  6. Tortellini- I’m not sure that this only happens here…

    MaryE- That is a really good idea to ask about allergies.

    A- I don’t see where this family felt the world should revolve around them and their needs?

    Wes- You make a good point- the people could’ve just cheered due to the delay ending/ plane getting ready to depart. Who knows for sure. From what I’ve read, it does seem like the FA treated the family poorly and at least some passengers knew.

    cj- Definitely true.

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