Tourist Board: Croatia Will Waste Your Time

Tourist Board
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Many times words are lost in translation but maybe one country’s tourist board should check what they are promoting before creating a new slogan.

I came across this amazing story from Lonely Planet-“Croatia Will Waste Your Time, says the National Tourist Board“.

I could only imagine the horror when the Croatian Tourism Board found out the true meaning of what they were saying about their own country!

Lonely Planet linked to Total Croatia News who wrote Croatian Kings of Accidental Tourism Strike Again.

On February 15, the Croatian National Tourist Board posted to Facebook to promote all that the country has to offer. Instead they created a very embarrassing moment on social media. (Check out the image of one of their tweets above.)

Total Croatia News says that the same message was also posted on their Facebook page which has over 1 million followers. They also showed some of the comments from their FB followers.

The best one that I saw was You should have “wasted” more time learning English.

Find out more from Lonely Planet here and Total Croatia News here.

6 thoughts on “Tourist Board: Croatia Will Waste Your Time

  1. I don’t think it was that bad. Not the best wording, but not terribly insulting or even that far out of context, given that you would be wasting your time if you were trying to decide between 8 (seemingly all equally gorgeous) parks.

  2. I believe many people would willingly “waste their time” at those beautiful parks.

    Furthermore, aren’t vacations time wasters in and of themselves?

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