Plane Diverted: Man Pees On Other Passenger During Flight

a man being carried by people
image: NY Post from Twitter

There have been planes diverted for a variety of different reasons.

Recently Delta flight attendants got into a fight which caused the plane to make an unscheduled landing. Donald Trump’s plane had to make an emergency landing due to engine troubles. A plane was also diverted due to a 9/11 rant.

Imagine a plane diverted due to peeing! And no, the bathroom wasn’t broken on the plane.

According to the New York Post, “A pissed-off passenger who was not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol aboard a Paris-bound plane took out his frustrations on a fellow flier by urinating on him“.

The charter flight on Air Mediterranee was flying from Algiers to Paris when the potty problem took place, causing the plane to be diverted to Lyon.

The flight attendants took action and “pinned” the man down.

The peeing man and another involved in a fight were removed from the flight which was delayed for around 3 hours.

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