JetBlue Adds Daily Flights To Destination I’d Like to Visit

Quito Ecuador

JetBlue offers flights to a variety of international destinations. I recently considering transferring my Amex Membership Rewards points to JetBlue to fly to a country like Haiti, Costa Rica, Ecuador or St Lucia. (Find out what I did with my Amex points here.)

Today JetBlue “announced the start of service to its newest destination, Quito Ecuador“,  in a press release that I was sent earlier today.

Ecuador becomes the 22nd country that JetBlue serves. They’re also the only airline to operate daily flights between Fort Lauderdale, FL (FLL) and Quito, Ecuador (UIO).

JetBlue will fly the new route on an Airbus A320, which has 150 seats. Flights will include the usual free snacks and soft drinks as well as “free first-run Hollywood movies“.

Here is the schedule for the daily flights:

  • FLL to UIO- Flight 2851: 7:00 pm arriving 10:34 pm
  • UIO to FLL- Flight 2850: 11:59 pm arriving 5:17 am

Are you interested in flying on JetBlue’s newest route to Ecuador? If you’ve been to the country before, let us know what you thought about it!

Find out more about JetBlue flights to its newest route, Quito Ecuador here.

One thought on “JetBlue Adds Daily Flights To Destination I’d Like to Visit

  1. I went to Ecuador in 2008. It is a beautiful country! I highly recommend it.

    Once there, prices are very cheap. They use USD as their official currency, so no need to exchange any currency. I got a large portioned chicken fried rice meal for $3, and a burrito for $4. Even nicer restaurants will be under $15 for an entree.

    Once in Ecuador, I highly recommend visiting Banos. It is a town tucked into the mountains, with a beautiful waterfall that is visible from most places in the town. The town is known for its taffy and hot springs, so there are plenty of spas.

    Just a word of caution, Quito has a VERY high altitude. This caused some problems for some people on our plane, once they depressurize the cabin. If you are prone, or think you are prone, to altitude sickness, get some medication before you go. Also, a good idea not to drink too much on the plane prior to landing, and if you do, make sure your seat has a sick bag.

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