A Super Bowl 50 Airbnb Rental for $8500 Per Night!

Super Bowl 50Super Bowl 50 is fast approaching and will take place on February 7, 2016 in San Francisco, California.

Although it says that the game takes place in San Francisco, the stadium is actually located in Santa Clara around an hour away! (Levi’s Stadium is the home of the San Francisco 49ers.)

Last year I wrote about some pricey Super Bowl rentals available to rent through Airbnb. One guy even rented out his Tesla to sleep in!

Well this year is no different. Curbed says that “Demand for Airbnbs During Super Bowl 50 Is Through the Roof“.

Curbed mentions that demand for rentals is extremely high throughout the whole Bay Area. According to figures released by Airbnb, searches in the area during the Super Bowl have gone up 2.5 times the norm! Searches are also three times higher than last year.

With high demand and lots of people looking, could surge pricing come into play?

Rooms booked in San Jose and Santa Clara are booking for an average of $220. Prices are also getting higher as the days get closer to the big game. Curbed says that “the median for San Jose is $360 per night and plenty of places are looking for thousands“.)

Super Bowl 50

I did a search for Super Bowl weekend in Santa Clara, February 5-8, 2016 and saw some pretty insane prices. In my quick search the most ridiculous rental price came from a private home for rent.

The Good: You can walk to the stadium from the home, it can sleep 15 guests in 5 bedrooms and 6 beds.

The Bad: The home is renting for $8,500 per night!

NO, that is not a typo! In total the 3-night Super Bowl weekend rental would cost with taxes and fees a whopping $28,969! (Check out the listing for yourself here.)

Talk about an outrageous and ridiculous amount of money to ask to rent out a home for a three-day weekend…

Find out more from Curbed here.

1 thought on “A Super Bowl 50 Airbnb Rental for $8500 Per Night!

  1. I mean… could be worse. The listing says it can sleep comfortably 15 people. Lets crank that up to 35 people. People are going to be drunk off cheap vodka, regret, and most likely cocaine will be involved. So the “comfortable” aspect went out the window long time ago. $28,969/35 people= $827.68. That’s actually not putrid. We all know the local Travelodge is going to be a 5 hundo a night. People should jump on this deal before Rob Ryan does, he’s going to fill those bedrooms with wings and cheap hookers. I’d rather sleep in some strange assholes house then a neglected Travelodge.

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