Uber To “Reeducate” Driver- Drove Through CLOSED Lincoln Tunnel

Lincoln Tunnel
image: Gothamist Daily

When I saw the image and headline in yesterday’s Gothamist Daily e-mail, I couldn’t wait to read the details…

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a strange Uber situation. (Ex. Uber driver allegedly attacks passenger with hammer.)

To be honest, I’ve come to understand Uber’s value in the convenience of using a mobile phone to get a ride and not have to deal with any money changing hands since it’s handled through the app. After my first time using Uber, I wondered if someone could please explain the big deal.

And now onto the crazy Uber adventure that a couple of co-workers went on yesterday morning.

After a night out drinking at some midtown bars, two co-workers Cori & Jeff requested a Uber X ride back to Hoboken. During the ride, their driver Forhad took them through a closed entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, coming close to hitting a construction vehicle.

According to Gothamist, “Port Authority officials waiting for the Uber on the far side of the tunnel allegedly determined that the driver was “on something.”

When Cori & Jeff said that they were going the wrong way, the driver said it was okay.

Before entering the tunnel, Cori said she heard police sirens and when they exited the tunnel there were “ten to fifteen cop cars shining their lights, waiting“. The officers ordered the driver to shut off the car and get out with his hands up. They then gave him DUI tests.

The driver received six traffic summonses, three each in New York and New Jersey.

Here are the best parts of the story.

  1. The cops drove the two home the rest of the way and told them not to use Uber anymore and mentioned reasons why- molesting women and robbing houses.
  2. The driver was worried about his rating and asked the duo not to write a bad review!

The passengers were charged $33.38 by Uber for the ride which was later refunded…

Find out more from Gothamist here.

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