Cheers! United Now Serving Sam Adams Winter Lager

sam adams winter lager
Image: United Newsroom

Last week I saw a mention on View From the Wing that United would be serving illy coffee. Considering I do not drink coffee, this was of little interest to me. But then I started seeing more sites posting about this caffeine-infused news.

Maybe it was a big deal, I don’t know, it doesn’t really affect me.

When it comes to inflight beverage picks, I tend to go with water or ginger ale. My guilty pleasure on airlines that serve it is Dr. Pepper… I might have an occasional beer during a flight but I prefer not to make it a habit to drink & fly.

I’ve written in the past about new beer options that airlines offer. Just around a year back, Delta added more inflight craft beer options. A month later I wrote about new beer options on Southwest.

In 2015 I’d assume that other airlines have also introduced new beer options…

I just came across news that United has added a new seasonal craft beer.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager will be available on flights worldwide “and in United Clubs at the airline’s mainland U.S. hubs“, according to United Newsroom.

Here is a description of the beer: “Bold and rich with a touch of spice, this dark wheat winter lager is brewed with fresh ground cinnamon, along with ginger and orange peel, for a deep smooth flavor“.

Kim and I just had this beer last weekend. Kim really enjoyed it while I found it to be decent but not one that I loved.

If I could choose one craft beer to have onboard a flight, I’d go with Brooklyn Brewery’s Greenmarket Wheat. (It’s actually the only beer of their’s that I really like. They also make a beer for Shake Shack called Shackmeister which isn’t bad.)

Find out more about United’s new seasonal beer and new dining options here.

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