Oktoberfest Attendance Falls, Should You Attend?

Munich Oktoberfest

The biggest beer celebration in the world, Munich’s Oktoberfest recently came to an end. I wasn’t so surprised to read an article from Yahoo related to the event. Yahoo wrote that Oktoberfest attendance falls amid German border controls.

According to the article, 400,000 less visitors came to the event than during the previous year. This accounted for 400,000 less steins of beer being sold. Wow, talk about a big decrease. I wonder how this affects the economy of the city and jobs related to the event?

When Kim, Lucas and I went to Oktoberfest in 2013, we had an amazing time and would love to go again. Since Oktoberfest starts during the first month of the school year, it makes it a bit complicated for us to schedule a visit. However, I’m not sure if this year I would’ve wanted to go due to the border issues. Would this help determine whether or not you went to the festival?

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Have you been to Munich’s Oktoberfest or any of the other beer-inspired festivals around the world? If so, let us know which ones you’ve been to. You can also share your thoughts about whether it is worth it for us to look into attending in the future.

I’d also love to know if you dressed like a local, wearing traditional clothes like lederhosen or a dirndl!

2 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Attendance Falls, Should You Attend?

  1. I arrived in Munich on September 22 and found the train service to Salzburg was suspended. I got as far as Freilassing on the Germany-Austria border and ended up walking to the closest local train station in outer Salzburg, an hour away. Fortunately, good weather and I had the company of some Germans who also gave up waiting for a taxi or bus to show up. We had been told the border was closed and after waiting over an hour decided to move on.

    That route was still suspended as of October 4 – haven’t checked to see if it’s back in service. When I went back to Munich on September 28 it was from Innsbruck and no problem with the Innsbruck-Munich route. If anyone from Salzburg wanted to get over to Munich it was certainly possible, but it was going to involve rerouting on other lines into Munich and more time to do that. Those are the folks that probably just gave up going over for a day or two because of the extra travel time.

    The Red Cross had a big tent in front of the Salzburg train station, as well as employees at the border crossing. so by the time I was there the influx into Munich seemed to be curtailed (no doubt the reason they suspended the train service).

  2. tom911- Sounds like some crazy stuff going on there. I’d like to hear more of what it’s like to be traveling around cities/ countries right now which are receiving large amounts of refugees each day.

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