Man Punches FA, Threatens To Blow Up Plane During JetBlue Flight

jetblue flight

A man has been charged by the FBI for punching a flight attendant and threatening to blow up a plane, according to CBS New York.

There aren’t many details of what happened but I was surprised to not read anything about ¬†the flight being diverted due to the incident.

The article mentions that the man, 29-year-old Alija Kucuk pushed a couple of flight attendants while running down the aisle of the plane. Another FA then tried to calm him down and “Kucuk pushed him into a door and punched him in the face“.

The incident occurred on a JetBlue flight from NYC to South Florida.

Kucuk was charged with interfering with a flight attendant and threatening to destroy an aircraft.

It seems like these inflight incidents seem to be happening more than ever. Just one day back I wrote about a woman being choked, with the flight having to return.

Find out more from CBS New York here.

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