Insects, That’s What For Dinner at London Restaurant

London restaurant
From our 2009 trip to SE Asia (Vietnam)


When Andrew Zimmern’s Travel Channel show Bizarre Foods came out, it brought all of the strange foods that people eat around the world into our living rooms. While these foods do seem strange for Westerners, they most likely aren’t seen that way in the places that they are consumed.

The first time that I can recall seeing bugs for sale as a food had to be during our trip to Thailand. I also remember seeing trays of bugs at a supermarket in Vietnam years back and I had to take a photo. My guess is that the locals and shopkeepers probably found it just as odd that I was taking the photos! 

Since then, I’ve seen insects offered as food in many places. Kim and I gave hormigas (fat ass ants) a try in Colombia which was pretty disgusting!

(Check out a post about The 6 Oddest Foods That I’ve Ever Tried where I mention my experience eating hormigas.)

I recently tried a sample of a cricket-flour bar at a Whole Foods. While I didn’t really enjoy the taste of the bar, it’s not like I would’ve known it was made from an insect unless I read the ingredients or was told!

I came across a story from Grub Street- “An All-Insect Restaurant Will Open in London”.

My first thoughts were ill, gross but I also wondered if people would actually eat there. Maybe a pop-up or temporary restaurant with an all-insect theme could work, but a permanent one sounds a bit crazy!

Here are some details about the upcoming all-insect London restaurant.

The all-insect restaurant will be opening before the end of 2015 and will be the first of its kind in London. The name is quite appropriate too, it will be called Grub Kitchen!

According to Grub Street, “‘Ingredients’ will come from Oxford researcher Sarah Beynon’s bug farm, and chef Andy Holcroft will create dishes like mealworm-cricket-grasshopper burgers”.  Sounds delicious right…

You can also expect to have the opportunity to “eat insects in all forms”. The article also mentions an insect tasting plate, cricket cookies, whole insects and “options where insects are incorporated into dishes: ground up and used as flour or burger mince“. 

While I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t find myself dining at Grub Kitchen during a visit to London, would you? I’m pretty sure I could already guess most of your answers!

Find out more about London’s upcoming insect restaurant from Grub Street here.

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