Buzzfeed Quiz: Guess the Rents On Apartments

a yellow house with white columns

I can’t say that Kim and I are in the market to rent an apartment but this real estate-related quiz caught my attention.

Real estate as well as rents have skyrocketed in New York City, especially Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.

While out and about, Kim likes to open up the Zillow app on her phone to get an idea of real estate prices wherever we might be. When we see a for sale sign, we’ll even take guesses at the prices before trying to locate the listing through the app.

When it comes to real estate outside of the NYC area, we really have no clue what things go for unless you count our guessing while watching Million Dollar Listing on Bravo. (The show has had seasons in NYC, LA, San Fran and Miami.)

Buzzfeed came up with a fun quiz: “Can You Guess The Rents of These Apartments Across the U.S.?

The quiz includes 14 properties and each image is something like a flashing slideshow so that you can get a good idea of the properties.

Here are a few of my favorites from the quiz:

a room with a wood floor and a wood floor

a living room with a large window

a room with a fireplace and chairs

It looks like my real estate instincts must be pretty good based on this quiz.

Here is how I did:

a screenshot of a websiteIf you’re curious to see how well you know the rental market around the U.S., take a try at Buzzfeed’s quiz here.

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