You DID NOT Win An All Expenses Paid Trip to Paris


A rather odd e-mail arrived in my inbox earlier in the day from Aeromexico.

The random e-mail that I received from Aeromexico was in Spanish. When I signed up to receive e-mail alerts from the airline, I’d assume that it asked my location and language. This makes me wonder why I don’t get messages from them in English.

So the subject was “Aviso Importante” (Important Announcement).

For a brief moment I thought that maybe I had entered some contest and won a trip to Mexico (or something along those lines) but this was not the case.

Apparently, a fake e-mail message was going around with a message, ” You have won an all expenses paid trip to Paris“.

Aeromexico wanted to clarify that this message was not from them. Their official account, would be the only one to trust for exclusive promos and important information about your trips.

So, no I did not win a trip to Paris nor did anybody else… from Aeromexico.

I’m just a bit confused why the person/ spam account sending these fake messages out didn’t say you’ve won a free trip to somewhere in Mexico from Aeromexico!

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