Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Doha

Radisson Blu Doha

During our trip to the Mid- East Gulf States many of our hotel stays were booked using Club Carlson Gold Points prior to the loss of the 2nd night free benefit.

Since we had a few flights leaving late at night, this allowed us to book a 2nd night rather than leaving our things in a luggage room. After a day out and about traveling, we could go to the room, shower and relax before heading off to the airport. This was definitely a nice luxury!

While spending 24 Hours in Doha, we stayed at the Radisson Blu. (We did actually sleep at the hotel both nights although we arrived pretty late for the first one.)

Our room was quite spacious and made for an enjoyable stay even though we didn’t check out any of the facilities the hotel had to offer.

Here is a review of our room at the Radisson Blu Doha.

We arrived at the hotel around midnight due to our flight being delayed after our visit to Bahrain.

While all we wanted to do was get to our room and rest, we first had to go through a quick security screening with metal detectors before entering the hotel. From what I can recall, this was the only time we’ve ever encountered this at a hotel.

After a speedy check-in, we headed up to our room and were impressed by its size. The room had lots of space for Lucas to play.

a room with a large mirror and a couch

Here is the view from the doorway to the room. The first door on the left is the bathroom and then when you walk in a bit further, you get to the main part of the room.
a room with a bed and a couch

As you can see in the photo, on the right is a shelf and some space for our luggage. To the left is the bed and hard left & out of view in the photo is some nice closet space.
a bed with pillows and a bench in a room

The bed was a nice, comfortable king size. The only thing I’d say is that it is really low to the ground. This made it a bit of a pain to get up from when really tired! Otherwise, we liked the style.

a telephone and a phone on a table

Next to each side of the bed is a low shelf/ nightstand with a confusing touchscreen control panel. You can turn the lights on & off and I think also set an alarm and adjust the air conditioning. The only problem was that Kim and I had a hard time figuring out how to use the system properly!

a couch with pillows in front of a curtain

This couch made for a great place to rest some of our bags. Lucas may have also sat there or drove his toy cars over it at times. I sat down on the couch once or twice and from what I recall, it was a bit on the firm side.

a room with a television on the wall

I really enjoyed the oversized desk. It was a really great place to work on some posts, charge my electronics and spread out whatever I needed.

A nice flat-screen TV was located over the desk so if Lucas was using it, I had to try to shift to the left to not be in the way. It would’ve been a bit more optimal if the TV was mounted a bit to the right and not directly over the desk.
a small mini fridge in a hotel room

The mini-bar/ fridge came stocked which we had emptied out to make room for our own drinks we purchased.
a plate of fruit on a table

It was nice of the hotel to leave us a fruit plate. My guess is that this was our amenity for having gold status.

a room with a screen

There is lots of storage space in the room thanks to this wall of closets. They also made for a great place to hide during a game of hide & seek!
a closet with a swinger and paper doors

Look at all of that closet space!

a bathroom with a sink and mirror

The bathroom is pretty large and was also very clean. I liked how the sink area had a shelf to rest our things on higher up so they wouldn’t get soaked.

a toilet and bidet in a bathroom

a shower with a glass door

a bathroom with a bathtub and shower

A separate shower and mini-tub are also inside. The water pressure was good and I liked the shower head but I still prefer when there is a handheld shower head. This is a big convenience for those of us traveling with kids.

We didn’t try out the tub but it does have a handheld shower head.

The Location:

We noticed some fast food style restaurants close by but short, inexpensive cab rides can get you to all of the most popular sites like we visited during our day in Doha. Also, the hotel offers a free shuttle to the airport which we took back very early in the morning. A nice bonus was the WiFi onboard although not so necessary!

Overall, our stay at the Radisson Blu Doha was really enjoyable. We had lots of room to spread out and relax during our short visit which was very nice. I’d definitely recommend the hotel if you’re planning a visit to Doha in the future.

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