Selfie Sticks Banned For Pope’s Visit

Pope Visit

I could see how the selfie stick could be a helpful device in some situations but I find that they do more bad than good.

Selfie sticks could cause damage and be quite annoying to others also trying to take a photo. For instance, when Kim, Lucas and I went to Disney I couldn’t image why someone in the front row at a parade would need to use a selfie stick to get a photo. I do know that this selfie stick did manage to ruin quite a few of the photos I was trying to take!

I was quite happy when I saw that selfie sticks would be banned from museums. Here is a list of some of  the places that ban selfie sticks.

Now another event will be banning the annoying device.

Pope Francis will be making appearances at some events in cities around the U.S. in around one week.

Time reports that selfie sticks are being banned for the Pope’s visit to Washington, D.C. which takes places on September 22.

A ban had already been put in place from upcoming events in New York City (9/24) and Philadelphia (9/26).

My guess would be that the Pope’s security service imposed the ban but Time mentions that “the Secret Service included selfie sticks in a list of prohibited items“. Other items which are banned include firearms, drones, laser pointers, toy guns, weapons of any kind and more. (Check out the full list here.)

What do you think of this ban? Is it fair that the selfie stick can not be brought to any of the Papal events?

Find out more from Time here.

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