Uber Now Has An In-Car Magazine

Uber Magazine
image: Uber Newsroom

While on a flight, I like to give the inflight magazine a quick look. Sometimes I come across some interesting articles, other times I just flip through the pages…

The inflight magazine might also have valuable information like what movies, snacks and drinks are available to us. Yeah, so important… 🙂

While doing a quick search, I found out that Amtrak offers an in-train magazine called Arrive for travelers along the Northeast corridor.

Well now it turns out that Uber is introducing a magazine.

This week Uber launched an in-car magazine called Arriving Now.

The first issue debuted on September 10 and in celebration of Fashion Week in NYC (which started that day too), the first edition is featuring “pro tips, hotspots, and exclusive details about upcoming promotions…. Cover girl Olivia Palermo, one of NYC’s more influential fashionistas, dishes on her favorite shops, trends, and love of New York inside Arriving Now”.

While I’m not a frequent Uber rider I would like to check out an issue of their magazine. Not too many details were given about it so I’m curious to find out if it is only in NYC or throughout the country?

I’d also assume that Uber will be able to make money by selling ads inside of Arriving Now. I wonder if surge pricing will come into play when determining the costs to advertise inside the magazine. (No I’m not really serious…)

By the way, since I can not read in a moving car- it makes me nauseous, I’d be taking my copy of the mag to go.

Find out more about Uber’s magazine Arriving Now here.

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