Man Pees On Other Passengers During JetBlue Flight

JetBlue flight
image from Huffington Post

When I first read about this story, I figured it had to be some sort of April Fools Day joke. The problem is that we’re in the middle of September and it isn’t a joke!

In one of the more unbelievable and ridiculous stories I ever read about inappropriate behavior on a flight, this probably takes the top spot.

The Huffington Post reports that a man urinated on passengers during a JetBlue flight.

JetBlue Flight 47 was flying from Anchorage to Portland, OR when this horrific incident took place.

Passenger Jeff Rubin slept during most of the JetBlue flight, according to passengers and airline employees. Around a half hour before landing, he woke up and he did the unthinkable…

Rubin must’ve had to go really bad. According to the report, Rubin stood up and started peeing between the crack of the seats in front of him, giving the passengers sitting there a little shower.

He then lost his balance and fell back, “spraying urine on passengers, seats and luggage” according to the Huff Post.

When the flight landed at Portland International Airport, Rubin was arrested and spent around five hours in jail.

He now faces charges of criminal mischief and offensive littering.


Find out more from the Huffington Post here.

2 thoughts on “Man Pees On Other Passengers During JetBlue Flight

  1. What a jerk! 5 hours in jail is nothing. He should be banned from flying! Likely he would then go and pee on bus passengers!

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