Etihad Biz Class Upgrade Offer At Check-In

Etihad Business Class Upgrade

Just before we left on ourĀ trip to the Middle East Gulf States (booked during what I’d consider the best flight connection ever), I had an interesting e-mail from Etihad.

They actually sent me the offer multiple times.

Etihad was offering me the chance to upgrade to business class by essentially bidding for the seats. By making Etihad an offer between $1,100 – $1,800 each way, I could potentially be sitting in a comfy biz class seat rather than in coach.

The thing is, when you have 3 people who would need the upgrade, that’s a lot of cash. Heck, it’s a lot of extra money for one person which I feel could definitely be used (in a better way) for another flight!

So no, I didn’t seriously consider bidding for an upgrade but it sure would’ve been nice!

I didn’t think much more of upgrading (besides writing about it) but when we got to JFK Airport and were checking in, we were once again given an offer to upgrade our seats.

While we were checking in, the friendly Etihad staff member went over all of the important details of our flight, tagged our bags and we were about to set off to go through security. He then mentioned that his supervisor told him of a great offer to upgrade to business class.

Oh great I thought, another offer I’ll certainly be turning down!

So I asked what the offer was although I said it was highly unlikely we’d be interested.

I was told that we could upgrade for just $1,000 per person to business class. I mentioned that this did sound like a great offer but we’d have to pass as it was still a lot of money. He smiled and said that he understood. (I then jokingly asked if there was a better offer, say $1,000 for all of us to upgrade roundtrip which got a laugh!)

I then told him about the e-mails I had received asking me if I wanted to make an offer to upgrade. He actually hadn’t heard of this before which I was surprised at…

Anyway, this was a better business class upgrade offer that I still had to turn down.

$3,000 to upgrade for 13 hours of extra comfort for us is just not worth it in my opinion.

What would’ve you done?

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