Thomas the Train Theme Park Opens in US

Thomas the Train Theme Park

Last summer we were invited to check out construction theme park Diggerland in West Berlin, NJ. (You can check out my review of the park here.)

It’s been a little over a year since our visit to Diggerland and Lucas still asks to go there all of the time. We were invited to come again to check out what’s new at the park after they celebrated their first anniversary.

While Lucas still loves diggers and other construction machinery, he’s also a fan of trains.

He has a bunch of Thomas trains and likes to watch the show from time to time. (Lucas also loved taking the trains all around Japan during our trip there in 2013.)

Now there is a new park which just opened in the U.S that I need to take Lucas to in the near future. A Thomas the Train inspired theme park called Thomas Land opened in “Edaville USA, a family-owned heritage railway park between Boston and Cape Cod in Massachusetts” according to Fodor’s.

Thomas the Train Theme Park

The park is the only Thomas the Tank Engine attraction in the country but others do exist in Japan and England according to Fodor’s article.

Things to expect in the park are replicas of familiar locations from the show as well as a Thomas-pulled 20 minute train ride.

Now the only problem is when can we go? With the park being over 4 hours away, we’d definitely need an extended weekend to make a visit!

Find out more about Thomas Land from Fodor’s here.

(Images in post from Fodor’s article.)

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