Review: Fuku Spicy Chicken Sandwich- NYC


Recently it’s seemed like chicken sandwiches have been the new hot thing hitting restaurant menus.

I’ve tried Shake Shack’s ChickenShack a couple of times and definitely find it a worthy option on their menu if you’re not in the mood for a burger or hot dog.

Just about a month before hearing about and trying the ChickenShack, there was lots being written of a hard to get spicy chicken sandwich from a place called Fuku.

Fuku is the newest creation from David Chang of Momofuku restaurants and the tasty and popular dessert shops called Milk Bar. Fuku is located in NYC’s East Village.

Kim and I tried to stop by around a month back but with limited hours, it was closed when we finally found the tiny shop.

Keep looking or you’ll miss it!

Earlier in the month we were around the corner from Fuku and decided to stop by. We were happy to see that there were no lines or else we would’ve left and had to try a third time to finally try out this sandwich.


Limited menu options- get the chicken!

We stepped inside the shop and saw a bunch of people enjoying chicken sandwiches. They sure did look good so we ordered one for ourself.

The Fuku Spicy Chicken Sandwich is even pricier than Shake Shacks. At $8 I expected a lot and boy did it deliver.


The sandwich is a massive piece of fried chicken which is so big that it spilled out of the bun. (I believe it was Martin’s potato bun.)The only other ingredient which comes on the sandwich is pickles. I am not a fan of pickles so I removed them.

They also have bottles of Momofuku’s Ssam Sauce, a spicy Korean chili sauce to add to the sandwich if desired.
Fuku Fuku

I dug in and was instantly impressed by the flavorful of the spicy chicken. When looking at the chicken, you’ll see that this isn’t some processed piece of meat. Each sandwich seems to have its own shape to it unlike a processed chicken patty.

At first the spice seemed mild but as I ate more, the heat got to me but I enjoyed it. Luckily I had water to kill the burning sensation as needed.

I tried the Ssam sauce which seemed decent enough but I didn’t find it necessary to really add it to the chicken sandwich. I dipped it a couple of times and it added another bit of heat. If you like spicy, then add some Ssam!

To me this sandwich was quite delicious and one that I’d like to try again.

Have you tried Fuku’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich? If so, what did you think about it?

Find out all of the important info about Fuku here.

3 thoughts on “Review: Fuku Spicy Chicken Sandwich- NYC

  1. Ang- Glad that you liked it! I’ve been reading about chicken fingers and a Mission Chinese dish at the new mid-town location! I can’t believe that you haven’t tried Chick Fil-a! I just had the ChickenShack again the other day and it was really enjoyable again!

    I’ll have to check out those shops. I think Snowdays just won a Vendy. We went to Mikey Likes It after going to Fuku!

  2. I finally tried this! It was delicious! I had no line too and it was a Friday night. I loved the dark meat. I was surprised it was crunchy and so juicy. I didn’t know it was right around the corner from Snowdays! (You should try Snowdays if you haven’t already! And try Thai Ice Cream at Juicy Spot, 10 Below and ICE NY). Now I need to try the Shake Shack’s version and Chick Fil A!

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