JetBlue Responds To Family Booted Off Flight


Yesterday I wrote about a family booted off a JetBlue flight.

At the time of writing, the story was based on the account of the family. The flight attendants involved and airline did not make any comments.

This certainly makes for a one-sided story and it would’ve been nice to hear the flight attendant’s version too.

Well now JetBlue has responded to what happened with the family kicked off of the plane.

JetBlue told ABC News,

“If a customer is unable to follow federally-mandated safety regulations, it is our crew’s responsibility to put safety first and may accommodate those customers on a future flight”.

The Doshi Family

The article goes on to say that the mother involved, Mona Doshi, declined to comment to ABC News.

While it’s good to see that JetBlue acknowledged the situation, it seems to me that they offered ABC News a pretty generic response to what went down.

If Doshi really was buckling her son into his seat after being told to do so, then why was there a need to turn the plane around and cause the flight to be delayed? Was she not following the safety regulations?

It has got to make you wonder if there is more to the story.

Find out more from ABC News here.

6 thoughts on “JetBlue Responds To Family Booted Off Flight

  1. “It has got to make you wonder if there is more to the story”

    You think? Now given that you eluded to your own bias against B6 FAs based on your one negative personal experience, it would be nice if you refrained from taking sides before you had enough facts. That way everyone could make up their own minds. IME, there are always two sides to every dispute.

    1. Yeah, right. They must be in the right because they, like you, are of Indian descent. So you see, it cuts both ways.

      Get off your soapbox.

  2. Stephan- I mentioned in both posts that there are two-sides to the story. I don’t feel that I took sides. Sharing a couple of recent experiences is doing just that. I never said that this family was right or wrong.

    Anan- Sorry you feel that way but no information ever suggested race was an issue.

  3. I am inclined to agree with Stephan on this. You did take a side, maybe not consciously, but I gleaned the same feeling from the previous post. Secondly, I don’t think flight attendants are just able to wantonly turn planes around. There is clearly more to the story, specifically that the passengers were not being compliant with federal regulation to such a degree that the captain had no choice but to turn the plane around. I don’t see anything but one side to the story, not even a single passenger coming forward to corroborate any version yet. So lets just report the facts and not assume anything about this incident.

  4. RM- I already addressed this. If you want to see it as me taking sides, so be it. BTW- A couple of passengers did tweet (from what I recall) that the family complied when told to have the child take his seat.

    Like you, I would also like to hear the flight attendant’s side of the story. I just doubt they will or are allowed to comment.

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