Plagiarism, I Don’t Think So


Earlier today I wrote about how the Saturday Night Live Ticket Lottery was open for the upcoming season.

I had come across this news earlier the previous day and wrote my post last night. A few hours after I had posted about the SNL lottery, I saw that I was being accused of plagiarism by someone on Twitter!

Now I take an accusation like that pretty seriously and was really pissed off. Especially since it is not true.

I felt like I had two choices, I could either ignore the tweet or respond. The thing is that by ignoring the accusation (to me) felt like I’d be admitting guilt. Since I wasn’t guilty, I couldn’t let it slide.

Here is the initial exchange from marc (twitter user @spicpics):


Basically, because Will Run For Miles (Kathy) had posted about this 12 hours before me, I had copied her post according to Marc.

First of all, I had no clue that she had posted about this and to be honest, even if I did why would that matter to me? According to these accusations, it means any time I find something to write about, if someone else writes about it before I publish my post, I am not allowed or I need to give credit! Why? I had come across this info on my own and decided to write about it at night for the following morning’s post.

(For those of you that don’t know, a post published around 7:30am is not written minutes before, it’s written at least the day/ night before. I also write many of my other posts in advance.)

In his Tweets, Marc had said that “you follow her on Twitter, I clearly saw it, rewrote it & posted it as your own“. Well yes I do follow her on Twitter but no I do not stalk her or anyone on Twitter. I never saw her tweet or her post anywhere else. So yes, this was my own post.

It seems like it’s always easy to assume and accuse. I guess that’s how it goes on the internet… for some.

So I was accused of plagiarizing for not giving a HT to someone who I didn’t find my information from.

What’s a HT, some might wonder? A HT or hat tip is a way you can give credit in a post for writing about the info/ story someone else found. I think it is very nice to do this if you did in fact find your info from the cited source. Well in this case I didn’t even know that Kathy wrote a post about SNL tickets so why would I credit her site?

While this was going on, another person joined in the attack, Pradesh Vadeep (@PradeshVadeep).


On Tuesday, I wrote about Delta Airlines banning the transport of hunting trophies. My post was based on an article I had read from the New York Times online on Monday. Many news outlets covered this story. Well it turns out that Kathy wrote about this topic on Monday so according to Pradesh I must be copying whatever she posts. I guess Pradesh doesn’t think it could be a coincidence that two bloggers wrote about headline news.

Well, I did know of Kathy’s post about Delta banning hunting trophies. While I was in the middle of writing my post I received a direct message from her related to it. The conversation isn’t important but again, I did not learn of Delta’s ban from her blog, I cited my source, the New York Times.

So are all bloggers supposed to scour the internet (or at least BoardingArea and Prior2Boarding) to make sure that nobody wrote about a topic before they do? And if someone else published something first, is a HT required to be cleared of plagiarism?

Well sorry, that won’t be happening here. I’ll continue to post as usual and live up to the high standards I have set for my site.

I’ve been writing my blog for over 3 years, it will be 4 in October. In all of this time, I’ve written all of my posts (heck it is my blog) and I’ve never been accused of plagiarism before.

It sure is nice of Marc and Pradesh to be so concerned about Kathy (Will Run For Miles) getting her credit. However, I’ll give credit when credit is due.


Like Randy Petersen (or Al Gore said) “Internet is Big“. So please don’t be so quick to accuse.

11 thoughts on “Plagiarism, I Don’t Think So

  1. You are not a plagiarist but rather a serial re-poster of other posts, thoughts, and ideas. How many ‘thrillist’ links or others like it are in your archives? Stop worrying about what others think of you and spend more time researching your own content, finding your own deals, a reporting/breaking more industry news

  2. This plagerism story is interesting and got me thinking. Alot of the folk who MS heavily do this like a business, rather than like “The Hobby” referenced in Rolling Stone. These fine businessmen and businesswomen have spent much time developing many “unique” business practices that they could conceivably copyright to control their distribution on public blogs. Rather than getting paid for page hits and credit card referrals, like bloggers, the MS folk could go after royalties each time an MS practice is revealed (and quickly destroyed).

  3. Erik- I’ll continue to write about whatever I feel like. Seems like you’ve spent a lot of time reading over my blog. Enjoy. However, If you don’t want to read what is posted here, then don’t. And please pass me a link to your blog to take a look at. As for moderating comments, that’s my decision to make.

    Harlan- Thanks for the support!

    AlohaDaveKennedy- LOL- I’d love to see how that would actually work.

  4. for goodness sake, ignore net nannies – writing impassioned defenses just make you sound, well, defensive. Anyone who looks at the boarding area home page knows they can choose from multiple versions of nearly every story (I’d guess that Ben and Gary regularly proof each other’s posts).

    Never mud-wrestle a pig – the pig enjoys it, you get dirty, and the spectators can’t tell the difference.

  5. Every day on BA there are multiple posts on the same subject by various bloggers. Unless the subject itself is someone’s unique creative invention (this clearly wasn’t), merely writing about the same subject isn’t plagiarism. If there were copied text passed off as one’s own, that would be plagiarism. Doesn’t seem to be the case here either.

  6. JEM- You definitely are giving some good advice similar to what I’ve heard from a couple of others. I just felt I had to address it and not ignore it. BTW- Love your saying at the end!

    Ryan- Exactly and thanks for the comment.

    Michael P- It amazed me too!

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