Delta “Bringing Humanity Back” To Flights?

Delta Airlines
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Unless we’re flying in premium cabins like business or first class, it’s highly unlikley that flight attendants will know our names or much else about us. (However, flight attendants do ask you to stop doing this…)

However, Delta Airlines says that they would like to change this and “Bring humanity back“.

With the help of technology, “flight attendant tech brings personalization to the sky“. I found out about this new technology in a press release that I received from Delta and I was definitely curious to find out more…

Delta flight attendants will have a new Guest Service Tool that will help to personalize our travel experience on the airline.

The airline’s 22,000+ flight attendants have an iPad-like table device called a phablet which will allow them to “better engage with customers while in flight“.

Allison Ausband, Delta’s VP of In-Flight Service says that “having technology at their fingertips to identify and greet customers by name, highlight customers’ Medallion status, address disruptions in their travel in real-time as well as a host of other opportunities means the world’s finest flight attendants can provide an even more exceptional customer experience“.

The Guest Services Tool will allow FAs to: (from Delta)

  • Have a better sense of the customers traveling on board.
  • Be able to recognize high-value customers.
  • Better serve those on board who may need extra assistance or attention. 

A new function that will allow flight attendants to update us on connecting flights/ gate info is also in the works for the future.

Sounds pretty good to me but I wonder if it will really work according to plan. (Since I don’t frequently fly with Delta, I might have to ask Rene aka Delta Points how the new tool seems to be working in the future.)

Find out more about Delta’s new Guest Service Tool here.

3 thoughts on “Delta “Bringing Humanity Back” To Flights?

  1. Is this supposed to be a stab at JetBlue? Their mission and start of bill of rights reads “JetBlue is dedicated to bringing humanity back to air travel”

  2. I think the idea is good, but goes too far. It’s creepy for any flight crew to have all of your personal information freely available. This could lead to some bad situations.

  3. Noah- That would be interesting if it was. My guess is that it is just a coincidence.

    Christian- Right. I could see it both ways but in the end my guess is that the info will be used to benefit Delta more so than the passsenger.

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